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LG GR-L702SD Stainless Steel VCM Top Freezer With Door-in-Door

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1.Convenience and easy to access: Door-in-Door ™

2. Durable + Electricity saving: Inverter compressor

3. Healthcare: Antimicrobial Hygien...



Possesses spacious, features smart and stylish range of refrigerators LG are equipped with the innovative latest and available in many diverse styles, including:

Refrigerators side-by-side: One of our most popular styles, this refrigerator is equipped with LG's latest freshening technology, a convenient storage space throughout the cabinets and designs that contribute to the beauty of all Kitchen. Also, just glance through it you can see the whole amount of food in the cupboard.

Refrigerator Freezer on Top: Owns the fresh-cutting features and stylish elegance, from head to toe! You will have the convenience and spacious storage space, plus timeless style, contributing to the beauty of every kitchen furniture.

Refrigerator under ice: With this style, The refrigerator will be at eye level - right where you want it.

Door-in-DoorTM Refrigerators: LG's innovative storage space allows you to quickly grab your favorite food and reduce the amount of cold air to 47%. You can open and close quickly by taking easy-to-use beverage and snack-style snacks.


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